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Love Podcasts? Check out Get Rich Nick!

Love getting rich? Check out GetRichNickCoin!


“It’s like AMC - It doesn’t matter what the product does; if it’s Bed Bath and Beyond, if it’s BlackBerry, if it’s GameStop, if it’s cryptocurrency, if it’s Logan Paul cryptocurrency, if it’s whatever - if it's Get Rich Nick cryptocurrency. It doesn't matter what it is, it just matters if the little dot goes up and down. If everyone gets excited about the dot, it doesn't matter what the product is, the dot goes up.”

- Get Rich Nick

This is a dot. Get excited.



GRN - The Ultimate Trading Experience

Fans of the smash-hit podcast Get Rich Nick and r/WallStreetBets apes alike will love this. Now you can show your love of Get Rich Nick and getting rich with GetRichNickCoin. This is just as stupid as sounds... Dogecoin is too.



All you need is the ethereum wallet MetaMask, available as both a phone app and a Google Chrome extension. Send me your address and I'll send you some GetRichNickCoin during this initial coin offering! There are only 100,000,000,000,000 GRN in existence so act fast!!!

How to Create an ETH Address on MetaMask:

  1. Download MetaMask Google Chrome Extension & create and account

  2. Click "Add Token"

  3. Click "Custom Token"

  4. Add the following info:

  5. Token Contract Address - 0xc1e94714eed14b0bc8129f1785762830bca74b1f

  6. Token Symbol - GRN

  7. Decimals of Precision - 0


If you'd like to donate to me:

Venmo @RAD91

BTC - 3AifRdZuwf4q8BE1zDnUzL9bRBp4ra9QqH

ETH - 0xD6CA4cD5036EDB6Bf780c2B08da240280dd7100e

DOGE - D7HQ9uSgQrw5ScSFradHniVeRqT7mJM4md

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GetRichNickCoin is dumb. Dumb things still make money.

Disclaimer - I had basically no idea what I was doing throughout the process of creating GetRichNickCoin. But it is real. Kind of.

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